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View the build from cab chassis to completion of the latest Ultimate Horse Van built for NZ




Set up for 3 ponies and a small carriage.

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External centred ramp lifter on all new builds from August 2015.Same easy lift with no visible struts

(Pictures show ramp during and after completion of build)

8.15-body-build-4-thumb   9.15-gas-strut-thumb   11.15-exterior-painted-ramp-side-4-altered  
9.15-gates-thumb   11.15-exterior-painted-ramp-side-3-thumb  



Horse Vans Rider Performance Awards Pictures

Thank you to all riders who entered the awards points, I hope you enjoyed your season and special Congratulations to Chelsea Cunningham and all the place getters.

We would love to receive and share your pictures from the series and see your beautiful mounts, so please send them through!

Chelsea Cunningham on Plutonium Lady - Photo taken by GDL Photography

For more photos see our Facebook page.

DRESSAGE NZ article on the winner of the 2015 Horse Vans Rider Performance Awards: Read here

FULL RESULTS: Click here to see results




The Horse Vans NZ Real Stud Box

The latest news in horse travel!

Along with rear facing bays the latest builds from UK's top manufacturers have removed the chest walls and chest bins allowing the horse or pony to choose its own head position. Very safe and popular with transport companies.

In rear facing travel there is no need for the horse to lean on a chest bar as most of the forces it will feel will be towards its rump and sideways through the shoulders when cornering.

We are now offering this arrangement in our Hunter model. Note that if you want to provide an open box the centre piece that the partition closes onto can be completely removed, perfect for mares and foals.

It is still possible to extend the body and add to the living area as well.


IMG 0053-web-small



studbox2 studbox3 studbox5 studbox6 studbox7
studbox8 studbox9 studbox10 studbox11 studbox13



New Ford Green Apple Horsevan has arrived!

The latest Horse Van arrived in Auckland this week and is a very cool Ford Apple Green with a unique design chosen by our artistic customer!


green-Exterior2    green-Exterior4    green-Exterior3    green-Loading-gates
green-Shower   green-Bed1   green-Kitchen-Unit   grren-Cargo-Net

  Dual Rear Wheel Horse Van

November 1

Latest Cob model on its way, built on a 2011 Rear Wheel Drive with Dual Rear Wheels and
owned by our lovely Sales Agent Alison based in Raetihi.

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This Horse Van was about the 5th one ever made in the UK and is over 15 years old. It is still going strong and used regularly, the original 2 pot paint is in near perfect condition.

This Horse Van was built by our manufacturer.

old-van-1    old-van-2    old-van-3    old-van-5



Jody Hartstone on her European Blog


Horse Vans on Horsing Around NZ Program


news article van

Horse Vans NZ Ltd is featured in the December issue of Rodney's Rural Lifestyle Magazine!

In the September issue, Sandy Reid discussed factors to consider when buying a horse float.
At the time we said we would cover trucks in a future issue, but in the meantime we have found an interesting alternative that is relatively new to New Zealand, horse vans, which in the short time they have been in the country are proving to fill a need.

news article read more



Horse Vans - YouTube

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