Why Choose Us?


Apart from the fact our horse vans are built by a coachbuilder who's been in business since 1975 and been building horse vans since 1996, Horse Vans NZ Limited are experienced with helping you design the most suitable Horse Van for your requirements. 

Vehicle finance can be arranged by us through Marac (Heartland Finance Ltd).

The finance rate is 11% per annum fixed rate, plus an establishment fee of $375.00. Terms are variable up to 5 years and payment periods to suit your cashflows eg. weekly, monthly, bi-monthly etc

Finance is subject to Marac approval, for Standard Finance Terms and Conditions.

Horse Vans NZ Ltd use a fully insulated exterior composite vacuum moulded wall panel, this means the temperature in your Horse Van will remain cooler in summer and warmer in winter for you and your horses. You will notice the temperature is more ambient, similar to a quality motorhome build. Other similar vehicles are built with ply or fibreglass only without the insulation. The panels we use are completely rot and rust proof, lightweight and with an extremely high tensile strength. We also use a glue that's used in the aerospace industry to glue aeroplane panels together, plus lots of other trade secrets. We know of other horse box builders in the UK who have bought one of our Horse Vans to take it apart to try and copy them!

We can provide you with all the information you need to make the best choice for your horse van depending on horse sizes, weights and quantity, living area features and design, floor area required and budget:

  • New or Used choice of cab and chassis, from Renault, Fiat, Vauxhall, Peugeot, Citroen or Fuso.
  • Options of single wheels, dual rear wheels or tandem rear wheels
  • Option to add the more expensive and superior (lighter, wider and stronger) automatic self levelling Alko air suspension chassis
  • Cab structure such as crew cab options with a back seat to provide seatbelts for 5 and swivelling front seats
  • Cab features such as automatic tiptronic gear boxes, air conditioning and electrics
  • Gross vehicle mass from 3.5 tonne to 6 tonne providing payloads from 1,250kg to 2,200kg
  • ALL our 3.5T Horse vans have uprated suspension whether they are registered as 3.9T or 3.5T

No complaints of any chassis problems in 17 years of our manufacturer building horse vans in the UK. No customer returns and no damage in any horse area that whole time.
Unlike other similar vehicles in NZ, we and our UK counterparts have had NO complaints of ramps falling open while driving, chassis separating from floor, suspension problems causing damage to horses knees and payload being less than advertised. We can also proudly state that No wall panels, internal or external have ever been damaged by horses in any way by pulling back on tie rings, kicking or any thing else.
No reports ever of any bulkhead wall integrity issues, even where a small window is wanted between cab and horse area, in fact the vehicle manufacturers standard windows available in the back of bulkhead cab's are much larger and still meet their strict crash test criteria.

Full two year workmanship and components build warranty.
Between one and three year mechanical warranties. Our mechanical warranties are extensive including items most warranties exclude, eg. air conditioning and suspension.
Full loading support from phone and email support to sending a professional trainer to your place to help.


Our Hunter and Cob models have a steel floor with Visadeck marine grade waterproof flooring, the edges are sealed and 1 foot up walls before adding rot proof rubber matting, and a sealed drainage hole.  Use your water blaster for a perfect clean every time.

Lift up overhang or barn door options for the top part of easy lift ramp, the overhang lift up option has a "give" of a couple of inches for any horses tempted to rear, we actually prefer this option as when you have barn doors the unforgiving steel door framing is openly exposed to the horses heads and much more likely to cause damage.
Gas struts or external spring options for your ramp, loading gates options.
Walk through gate in chest wall great for camping.

This area is virtually limitless, we always use commercial grade materials and have access to the latest products on the market eg. aluminium based panels instead of GRP for cabinetry. Fully custom designed with your choice of colours, textiles and finishes.

Regardless of whether your Horse Van is built on a new or used cab, even our most basic horse transport only models always include the following items which may be "additions" with other businesses:

  • mud flaps
  • horse area and reversing cameras
  • uprated suspension
  • new brake discs and pads
  • new glow plugs
  • new cambelts
  • all on road costs
  • mirrors in wardrobes
  • 12V outlets
  • spare key
  • hammock rings in horse area
  • ramp not closed alarm
  • puncture proof treatment
  • extra tie rings
  • cargo nets over lutons
  • spare wheel with jack
  • graphics of your choice
  • up to 2 colours of metallic paint of your choice
  • upholstered seating
  • saddle poles and bridle racks
  • insulated wall panels and roof
  • commercial grade build and finish materials
  • thicker upholstered seating cushions for comfort in the living areas

We are constantly upgrading and improving design, features and the finish of our Horse Vans however we would never risk horse safety and strength for cosmetic purposes. We know what works for horses and feedback from the community is always welcomed.

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